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Mitigating Market Price Exposure – Gain Visibility into Market Risk With Real-time Updates, Comprehensive Metrics and Simulation

Recent developments in the global crude oil markets, particularly rising tensions in the producing regions of the Middle East, have spurred the return of high levels of volatility to the crude and crude products markets. However, this volatility is impacting not only oil and its derived products. It is, much like the period prior to […]

Seeking the Next Generation E/CTRM Solution – A Discussion

There have been numerous significant technology advances and changes over the last decade from the increasing prominence of Software as a Service (SaaS) to the growth of social media. In the trading and risk management area, however, we appear to continue to be constrained by older technologies and the adoption of new technologies has seemed […]

The Challenge of the Emerging Smart Customer

The realization that building the Smart Grid would be very difficult, even more than conservative planners had guessed, started to sink into the collective consciousness of the industry in 2009 and 2010. Consumers began objecting to smart meter rollouts in California (Pacific Gas and Electric Company), Texas (Oncor) and Maine (Central Maine Power) and consumer […]

Trading Physical Coal in a Dynamic World Market

In the last several years, new fundamentals have clearly emerged in global coal markets. Rapidly rising demand from China and India, along with the renaissance of coal-fired power generation in Europe, has resulted in significant increases in ocean freight rates and coal export prices. These increases have led to larger trade flows and significantly higher […]

CommodityPoint’s Trading & Risk Management Ancillary Vendors and Products SourceBook V2

The CommodityPoint TRM Ancillary Software SourceBook is designed to be a useful and usable resource to help those seeking software solutions that support or enhance the functional capabilities of their trading infrastructures, including their core commodity trading and risk management systems. This document should be viewed as a starting point in that selection process, providing […]

CommodityPoint’s CTRM Software SourceBook – November 2011

The CommodityPoint CTRM Software Sourcebook is designed to be a useful and usable resource to help those seeking to select CTRM software. It is a starting point in that process providing a high-level guide to allow you to select a long list of vendors that may or may not prove to be capable and competent […]

UtiliPoint’s CIS SourceBook January 2012 v1.1

The CIS SourceBook v1.1 contains detailed vendor information about specific customer service products or services. Easy to understand charts and text provide information about client demographics, hosted infrastructure (if available), company summary, contact information and installed base, functional topics by development status , offering, and availability. Download the UtiliPoint CIS Sourcebook January 2012 v1.1

The Great Transformers: A New Era for the U.S. Utility Industry

Trillions of dollars: That is the amount the electric utility industry will invest globally to build a more efficient system in the coming decades. What fundamental changes do energy leaders think must be made along the entire electric value chain — from wholesale, where low- or zero-emissions generation resources are expected to become mainstream, to […]

2010 Customer Service PowerHitters Interviews

1,000,000,000,000,000, or “Peta” for short. It’s a term being thrown around to quantify the amount of bytes the utility industry could be managing as the industry “smartens” itself. This time last year, we were in the midst of a severe global economic downturn with many utilities putting investment plans on hold. Now there is a […]