A citation is defined as use of a single graph or slide or a portion of text up to one paragraph long.
All text must be identified as “Source: UtiliPoint International, Inc., Document Title, Date” and the UtiliPoint International Copyright notice must be affixed to all graphs or slides.

The UtiliPoint International, Inc. Copyright Notice is: “© 2011 UtiliPoint International, Inc., All Rights Reserved.”

UtiliPoint research materials and documents in the public domain may appear in the following ways:

  • Internal communication
  • External sales presentations
  • Communication with third parties and prospects via email
  • Annual reports or internal business planning documents
  • Press releases (Requires approval by UtiliPoint Marketing department and analyst/consultant.)

The following uses of citations are not permitted unless written permission is granted by UtiliPoint International, Inc.:

  • Use on a website
  • Use in sales brochures, marketing collateral (direct or email marketing), advertising copy, trade show materials, newsletters, etc.
  • Use in a report, white paper, or publication, or any other materials contracted from a third party.

To speak with someone regarding UtiliPoint’s citation policy, please e-mail info@utilipoint.com.