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CTRM in an SAP Environment: Triple Point’s Commodity SL

Almost all users of Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) Software have one thing in common and that is that they have an ERP or accounting system that their CTRM software must integrate and communicate with. Strangely enough however, this interface requirement is usually left to the Back Office staff to define and worry about during the selection process. For companies whose focus is trading, this may be (or may not be) a workable strategy, but for companies who do more than just trade commodities – commodity intensive businesses – there may be many more points of integration required between the CTRM software, the ERP system and other software solutions to facilitate integrated business processes across the enterprise. In many instances, of course, the ERP solution in use is SAP. https://khutrungxanh.com/cong-ty-kiem-soat-con-trung-dich-vu-diet-con-trung-hieu-qua-uy-tin/

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