Strategies to Help You Manage and Understand Large Data Sets

Utilities now, more than ever, face almost overwhelming amounts of customer information that can collect in a short time period. The adoption of Smart Grid technologies is one reason for this era of Big Data.   However, it’s not just a question of gathering all the data – the goal of the global Smart Grid initiative – it’s more about data management; what to do with all the enormous amounts of data and how to make sense of it all.

UtiliPoint can efficiently handle large data sets, effectively reducing the data to meet your needs and requirements. Using custom modeling and statistical data reduction techniques, useful information is gleaned to help operate your business more efficiently.  Reduction and analysis results, modeling and visualization are customized and structured to the specifications of each project.  This approach is particularly helpful in managing and making meaningful use of Smart Grid and Smart Meter data, but can be used in many other scenarios for companies that have not yet deployed Smart Meters, as well as in other industries.  Areas where UtiliPoint’s Big Data Management services have been most beneficial include:

  • Credit and payment
  • Operational data
  • Energy purchasing
  • Hedging and risk management
  • Grid modeling
  • Customer segmentation
  • Predictive marketing
  • Program tracking and effectiveness reporting
  • Massive customer base energy consumption analysis, on an aggregate, individual or rate class level
  • Rate design analysis using large numbers of consumers