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Point là gì trong tiếng anh

1. danh từ – đầu nhọn hoặc tù của cái gì; đầu; mũi 2. ngoại động từ – vót nhọn (bút chì…) – lấp đầy những khoảng giữa các viên gạch (của cái gì) bằng vữa hoặc xi măng 3. nội động từ – ( to point at / to somebody / something ) chỉ trỏ it’s rude to point

Utilities at the Dawn of a New Era

As I write my last IssueAlert article of 2011, I reflect on my previous work this year (see IssueAlert Archive), as well as Smart Grid articles I’ve read lately that anticipate trends for 2012. In IssueAlert articles this year, I’ve laid out the elements of change that are besetting electric utilities around the world, as […]

ETRM and the University of Houston – An Educated Success

The University of Houston’s Bauer School of Business launched their ETRM Systems course in the spring of 2010 with 18 students. Since that time, the program, founded and still lead by industry veteran Ed Bell, has grown steady and has attracted considerable attention both on and off campus. According to Mr. Bell, “We’ve been pleased

Smart Grid, Quadruple Bypass, and Energy by Design

In my last IssueAlert (Utilities at the Dawn of a New Era), I offered three predictions for 2012. First, dual-track Smart Grid will see Smart Grid discussion and concepts divided into two diverging paths. Current utility-centric Smart Grid includes grid modernization, AMI, distribution automation, peak power reduction, and new technology integration. An emerging consumer-centric perspective. […]

Latest Release of UtiliPoint’s CIS SourceBook Offers New Findings

UtiliPoint is pleased to announce the release of version 1.1 of the CIS SourceBook, the definitive guide to utility customer service systems with comprehensive information about vendors and systems in the utility customer services space. The SourceBook, distributed free of charge, is available for download at the UtiliPoint International Web site. To date, UtiliPoint received […]

In Search of Total Risk Management – The Physical Factor and Operational Risk Management

Businesses that either trade, buy or sell commodities must routinely deal with the inherent uncertainty in commodity markets. However, in recent months and years, they have also had to deal with both global and national economic issues and with the increasing likelihood of regulation changes. Risk is pervasive and it should and must be actively […]

Preparing for the New Age of Commodities and Derivitives Regulation in Energy Markets

In the period since the collapse of Enron in late 2001, the global energy commodities markets have undergone tremendous change, including: the entrance of new participants; the rise of new markets, exchanges, and derivative products; increased demand for energy products spurred by global economic expansion, particularly from the emerging and accelerating economies of China and […]

The Commodity Risk Management Challenge

Improving risk management processes and systems is a critical area of focus for many commodity trading firms. Significantly more attention is now being paid to commodity markets and traders by a wide range of stakeholders including; consumer groups, regulators and financial agencies, governments and shareholders or investors, who increasingly require more detailed information about trading […]

CTRM in an SAP Environment: Triple Point’s Commodity SL

Almost all users of Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) Software have one thing in common and that is that they have an ERP or accounting system that their CTRM software must integrate and communicate with. Strangely enough however, this interface requirement is usually left to the Back Office staff to define and worry about […]