Demand Response and Pricing Expertise With Years of Utility Market Design

UtiliPoint is dedicated to providing the utilities and energy industries with a full array of services required to design, get approval for, implement, and evaluate demand response programs and pricing plans. Our industry experts include economists, engineers and technology analysts who have decades of experience promoting retail customer interests, managing multi-billion dollar rate bases, designing pricing plans to link wholesale and retail markets, and formulating public policies regarding market structure and operation.

Clients comprise independent system operators, utilities, competitive load serving entities, demand response program providers, state and federal regulatory agencies, and business and investment entities with a commercial interest in the design and operation of electricity markets.

Pricing and demand response services include:

  • Characterization of how and why customers respond to electricity prices and to other inducements to adjust usage
  • Quantification of the level and distribution of benefits attributable to demand response
  • Evaluation and optimization of the performance of demand response programs and pricing plans
  • Design and management of a portfolio of diverse demand response and pricing services
  • Benefit/Cost studies and business case preparation to support strategic decision-making
  • Regulatory support through preparation of marginal and embedded cost studies and retail rate design
  • Simulation to determine the risks from different rate structures and effectiveness of different rates related risk management strategies
  • Determination of impacts of pricing on different customer classes