Commodity Trading & Risk Management Services That Bring the Markets Together

CommodityPoint provides Commodity Trading & Risk Management (CTRM) research, analysis and consulting services. Our services bring insight into business issues, trends, processes and technology, to utilities, energy companies, banks, brokers, funds, investors and vendors that enhance their competitive position and support critical business decisions.

CommodityPoint is uniquely positioned to provide proprietary and multi-client research, analysis, and consulting to all the participants in global commodity trading markets and to the vendors supplying the technology and software solutions necessary in the dynamic and increasingly globalized markets.

We consider ourselves the ”honest brokers” of information, providing services to both the buyers and the sellers of the technologies utilized in commodity trading and risk management. Our insights are informed by constant and consistent communications with industry participants and are based upon a foundation of extensive proprietary research into the issues and trends affecting the industry.

CommodityPoint is committed to an aggressive agenda of market research that includes research into CTRM software market sizing, vendor perceptions, risk management tools, CTRM implementation, regional markets and much more.

Compelling Services For The Industry

For those in the market seeking to better understand market trends and the available technologies necessary to keep up with the ever changing markets, CommodityPoint offers:

  • Research services and research reports on trends and issues in the industry and technologies supporting the industry
  • Executive briefing and analyst services to help keep your firm abreast of developments, trends and business issues
  • System selection assistance to help develop a “short list” of providers capable of meeting your organizations unique technology requirements

For the suppliers of products and technologies to the commodity trading and risk management space, CommodityPoint offers:

  • Analyst services providing market insight and trend analysis, enabling your organization to make better informed decisions as to deployment of valuable resources and assets
  • Assistance in developing “go to market” strategies for newly developed offerings
  • White papers and other forms of expert content written by CommodityPoint analysts.

CommodityPoint provides a wide range of services. Please  contact us at for more information.