Consulting and Analyst Services That Focus on Utility Customer Care

UtiliPoint’s Meter-to-Cash practice provides expert information, independent research, market studies, consulting and analyst services in the areas of Customer Care, Customer Information Systems (CIS) and Customer Relationship Management. Practice professionals are accomplished experts in their field, trusted by clients to provide unambiguous and independent advice and information. UtiliPoint’s CIS clients include IOU’s, Cooperatives, Municipals, Technology Vendors, Software Vendors and Regulatory Agencies.

Customer Care has consistently been rated one of the top priorities for utilities; UtiliPoint is the acknowledged leader of primary research in the area of Utility Customer Care and CIS/CRM. The combination of our expert industry practiced consultants and analysts together with our primary research and analysis ensures the latest definitive and practical advice about Utility Customer Care.

Clients leverage our knowledge and capabilities by engaging the Meter-to-Cash practice in:

Custom research and primary research capabilities in market trends, forecasts and competitive and market analysis. This practice has produced a number of definitive and unique reports characterizing the North American and European CIS/CRM software markets and usage.

Analyst services that routinely and expertly track all technology developments in the industry, track all vendors and software products in the market, forecasts market developments and assist clients in the identification and deployment of solutions. This includes utilizing our research to provide insights into where the customer services market is headed.

Consulting services including strategy consulting, IT strategy and planning, technology selection, quality assurance, project management, expert testimony and market positioning improvement. Getting experts involved in the process early can help utilities make the right decisions and avoid costly project failures.

Technology vendor services to assist technology providers with market studies and marketing planning to maximize market penetration and success. UtiliPoint consultants and analysts can also provide a variety of content for whitepapers, articles, websites, online seminars and collateral development.

Benchmarking studies that compare industry wide CIS business processes, IT expenditures and other metrics identifying trends and helping clients understand how effective their operations are with respect to others in the industry.

The UtiliPoint Meter-to-Cash practice publishes the Customer Care PowerHitters Interviews each year along with a number of other proprietary and popular reports including Customer Care in the North American Utility Market and Analysis of Utility Customer Care in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It also provides the CIS Infogrid product which tracks all vendors and products in the Utility CIS space and is available via subscription.