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UtiliPoint offers research and report services designed to save you time and provide critical insight into the energy and utility industry. Receive a personable, responsive, and rich experience that addresses your utility-related research needs.

Analysts conduct rigorous examinations of a broad range of industry-related issues, the findings of which are published in our annual market research reports. These reports, focused on a particular sector within the utility industry, include strategic analysis of:

  • Business drivers and challenges
  • The value chain and competitive landscape
  • Global regulatory issues

Quantitative analysis includes market sizing, market share analysis, segmentation by technology and geography, and detailed scenario-based forecasts with a five to ten year outlook.

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UtiliPoint is currently conducting a vendor perception study that is solely focused on the non-energy commodity trading world in order to specifically benchmark the vendor landscape, procurement rates and criteria in the metals, agricultural and other non-energy commodity area. This study will target companies across all industry segments, from producers to end users, for these commodities and will be global in nature.

This report is produced every two years with results that offer a better understanding of industry perceptions of market leadership and the brand strength of various vendors offering CTRM software. The study also provides statistics on procurement rates, buying criteria and a number of other important metrics.

Complete the CTRM Vendor Perception Study.