Ensure Your IT Infrastructure Can Handle the Challenges of Big Data

With worldwide information growth significantly increasing each year — a major contributor being Smart Grid – Utilities are finding it increasingly difficult to manage the enormous amounts of data. It’s not just about gathering all the data, which is ultimately the goal of the global Smart Grid initiative; it’s more about data management. UtiliPoint provides the consultative expertise to help your business efficiently and effectively manage data by employing technology solutions.

Gathering and managing data for usage, outages, and billing will prove critical in order for utilities to remain competitive. Utilities will require Smart Grid enabled communications infrastructures that can support higher levels of capacity and the capability to accommodate increased bandwidth, latency, and other performance requirements as a result of big data. This practice area addresses the following:

  • Data storage and processing
  • Data protection
  • Security and accessibility
  • Data Reliability
  • Customer privacy
  • Government regulations