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CS Week 2012 Conference

CS Week 2012 | April 30-May 4th, 2012 | Dallas/Ft Worth, TX  

Join UtiliPoint at the 36th annual CS Week conference focused on customer service solutions for utilities, cooperatives, municipalities, and government entities. The event features round table discussions, presentations by notable industry thought leaders, and the largest exhibition of meter-to-cash and customer-related Smart infrastructure products and services. Online registration begins soon.

UtiliPoint is scheduled to present four sessions:

Workshop 1: Data Analytics, what can be done with Smart Infrastructure data sets
Workshop 2: Segmentation using Data Analytics
Workshop 3: Architecting a Win-Win-Win Pilot, getting buy-in from all of the stakeholders
Workshop 4: Sustainable Smart Grids Start with Smart Consumers to Transform the Utility

Visit the CS Week Website for more information. Online registration begins soon.

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