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CTRM Technical Conference 2011

Using Technology to Solve Business Challenges in the Energy, Commodity Trade and Risk Managment Industry

July 21, 2011 | Houston, TX

Learn how to best leverage the latest technologies to address today’s challenges of regulatory reporting, escalating market risk, and exponential data growth at  Register today and join leading E/CTRM analyst and host CommodityPoint along with industry experts for lively discussions and dynamic presentations about the future of the E/CTRM industry.

Featured Presentation

Mr. Rob Pringle, Director of Global IT, Gazprom Marketing & Trading
“CTRM for a Global Trading Business: Does Utopia Exist?”

Hear from experts and peers in the field, including:

Dr. Gary M. Vasey, Managing Director, CommodityPoint
Mr. Ed Bell, Executive Professor, Department of Decision and Information Sciences, CT Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston
Mr. Alan Gunn, SVP of Product Marketing, SolArc
Mr. Paul Campbell, Principal, Deloitte and Touche LLP
Mr. Andrew Collyer, VP, Software Development and IT, LIM (a Morningstar company)
Mr. Arun Karur, Vice President, Global Head of Commodities Practice, Sapient Global Markets.
And many others are scheduled to appear…

Topics Covered

Energy systems education for the coming decades at the University of Houston
Cloud Technologies — Opportunities and challenges in New Data Management Solutions
Dodd-Frank: one year after enactment
Where CTRM missed the mark and the CTRM 2.0 future
Next Generation CTRM : Do more with less
And more…

Who should attend?

Commodity/energy trading staff involved in software selection
IT staff using CTRM software
Senior business management at commodity trading firms involved in software selection and/or use
Consultants and vendors in the space.

What others are saying…

David Calmonson, Contigo
“It was excellent, useful and enjoyable and I will most definitely be at the next one — and you are welcome to quote me on that!”

Patrick Durham, MRE Consulting
“CommodityPoint brings to the table a wealth of experience. Beyond that, they brought together an amazing cross section of CTRM industry specialists to share their knowledge and insight with vendors, service providers, and clients alike.”

Gavin Lavelle, CEO of Brady
“The conference had a clear focus from the clients on liquidity, market, counterparty and operational risks. The consensus was that there isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ across commodity and energy markets: traders want best of breed with open architecture for ease of integration and inter-operability.”

Yags Savania, Sales Director, Aspect Enterprise Solutions
“The CommodityPoint E/CTRM technical conference was extremely insightful and useful for understanding the complexities and challenges of commodity and energy trading software. Hearing the collective experiences of end users and vendors alike was is invaluable exercise for anyone involved in the industry.”

Sasha Cvetkovic, syseca Ltd.
“We truly appreciate CommodityPoint for being an unbiased source of comprehensive and accurate information in the area of Commodity Trading & Risk Management. The presentations were interesting, useful and future oriented.”

Lukasz Kwiatkowski, Grupalotos
“The conference was a rare opportunity to gain and share experience in ETRM systems in an environment of professionals having wide scope of their background.”

For booking details, visit www.CTRMConference.com or email info@utilipoint.com.

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